Ally Fitness is privately owned and operated 24/7 gym in Lima, Ohio. All gym control is handled on the local level. This is YOUR Gym. YOUR Family. In YOUR community! Become an ALLY today!


709 N Cable Rd Ste C, Lima, Ohio


About Us

About Ally Fitness


 From the gym ownership to class instructors to personal trainers, you will see us right there beside you bettering ourselves working out in the gym. We strive to provide you with a contagious spirit of victory and success.
 In war and in the trenches, allies are friends you can trust. Allies are on your side. Without an Ally, a country is going to be all alone in the fight. We know the struggle is real. We know the battle is tough to gain your health, your well-being, and your self-worth. Your battle is not meant to be fought alone.
We are with you together in this fight. A like-minded force who realizes that ALL of us are stronger than any ONE of us!
We are ALLY!

This is YOUR Gym. YOUR Family. In YOUR community!

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